5 Health + Fitness Falsehoods You’re Obsessing Over

12Everyone wants to have the perfect body but not everyone is willing to commit or knows what steps to take. Being an athlete, fitness junkie, and food lover my whole life, I’ve provided the top five fitness mistakes no one tells you about.

1. Stop eating.
FALSE- You are only hurting your fitness regime by starving your body of the necessary proteins, nutrients, and healthy (yes, healthy) fats it needs to function. Not only this, but by skipping meals or eating next to nothing, you are also drastically slowing down your metabolism in the long run. If you don’t have time to eat, grab a protein bar/smoothie, Greek yogurt, or banana to keep your metabolism going and your mind focused.

2. Run like a maniac. 
FALSE- Long distance running can be a part of your workout routine, but don’t make it the main course of action (unless you are a runner). Be sure to mix up the cardio portion by cycling,  doign interval sprints, dance, kickboxing, or stair stepping. Also, it is okay to skip cardio in your routines, working the same muscles all the time is ineffective to progressing or getting stronger.

3. Skip the weights.
FALSE- Pick those dumbbells up and start cranking. Women especially are afraid of “bulking up” by lifting weights. Truth is, lifting weights and doing “leg days” is one of the most important parts of a workout routine. It provides balance, flexibility, and strength training to your workout while challenging different muscles..making you a lean mean sexy machine.

4. Sugar and sodium are the devil.
FALSE- A small fry and single scoop aren’t going to kill you. Studies have shown that restricting salt intake can increase hormones and lipids in the blood supply resulting in cardiovascular problems [*1]. In addition, cutting out sugar can drastically impact blood-sugar levels causing fatigue, headaches, and bloating. However, too much sugar can cause poor sleep, weight gain, and digestive issues; it’s all about BALANCE.

5. Everything I eat should be FAT-FREE.
FALSE- If a food is “fat free” that means it has chemical fillers, artificial flavoring, and probably an insane amount of sodium or sugar that will slow down your metabolism and cause indigestion, not to mention you’ll be hungry again sooner rather than later.

The most important thing you can do for yourself is to maintain a balanced diet, including the occasional cheat meal, and to mix up your workouts to stay motivated by working in both cardio and weight training. Need help staying committed? Find a fitness partner to help keep you on track.

 Have questions or want more tips on running? Ask me! 

Sincerely, Ss

[*1] http://chriskresser.com/shaking-up-the-salt-myth-the-dangers-of-salt-restriction

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