Beating the Midnight Munchies


Stay on a healthy track AND enjoy your snacks!! We all get those midnight cravings of ice cream, chocolate covered pretzels, peanut butter cups and so many other sweet treats and swirly twirly gum drops. However, there are ways to mentally trick your brain to satisfy those sugary dreams with my top 10 low (even zero!) calorie snacks.

  1. Celery + peanut butter w/a few dark chocolate chips
  2. Half grapefruit w/ raw sugar sprinkled on top
  3. Apple pieces w/ Nutella
  4. Frozen snap pea pods
  5. Watermelon chunks
  6. Pear slices warmed up w/brown sugar (tastes better than it sounds!!)
  7. Greek yogurt covered blueberries – frozen!
  8. Stawberries + ice + 1 scoop plain Greek yogurt & blend – tastes like ice cream (yes you can freeze it)
  9. Sea salt dark chocolate – 1 square (so rich, you only need one.. But fraction of the fat!)
  10. Caramel-honey Yogi tea (yes, TEA.. That tastes like dessert and helps you sleep)

Hope these tips and tricks are easy to follow and immerse into your daily health routine. If you have questions, just comment below! 

Sincerely, Ss

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