Onward + Upward 

I had an “ah-ha!” revolutionary moment yesterday. It’s so important to keep moving forward. In a world of crazy schedules, mishaps, excitement, turmoil, it’s hard to have clarity on a daily basis. We are generally so wrapped up in what’s happening we forget to stop and reflect. I am not saying you need to analyze your everyday, but I believe it’s important to recognize how you’re spending your time. Is it at work? Is it obsessing about money? Is it pouring all your heart and energy into a one-sided relationship hoping it will turn into two-ways? Time is such a precious gift in life, we can’t rewind, we can’t fast forward, we can only change the present and need to focus on that. So don’t get held up in what happened yesterday- it happened. Let it go. Focus on how to deal with it today and move forward.

When you don’t allow yourself to move forward, you are going to miss out on the things right in front of you. 

As a perfectionist with slight OCD, I have a very difficult time letting go and moving forward. I obsess about the things I think I could’ve done better. And Heaven help me if I feel like I’ve failed, because I hold onto that tighter than a childhood teddy bear, never wanting to let it go. I hold fear of failure so high that I constantly find myself consumed with anxiety, regret, and passive optimism. I do a good job at hiding my anxieties because part of being an OCD perfectionist is you never let people see your weaknesses, that you may be hurting, that you’re struggling. It’s not about ego- it’s about strength. 

Just wanted to encourage you guys- today is a new day, and the first day of the rest of your life. And when you treat each day that way, as a blank slate, renews nothing you can’t do or change or strive for. Yesterday doesn’t matter. Never lose your confidence to be your entire self, everyday, in weakness and in strength. 

Sincerely, Ss

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