Darling Denim 

There’s something about a simple skinny heel that I love. Usually I am more of a chunky strappy heels type style, but classic color neutrals are another favorite. These darling denim heels from LuLus (click to shop) are so versatile I’ve worn them straight from work to drinks with friends. Whether I’m wearing a fancier wrap style dress or destroyed black denim with a white flowy blouse, these go with both without being too matchy-match yet still something different beyond the basic black or nude pump with a fun texture. 

Obsessed with the denim style but looking for other styles? Check out STEVE MADDEN CARRSON BLUE SUEDE LEATHER ANKLE STRAP HEELS  (click to shop) – where the heel is a little chunkier with a lighter wash denim. Wanting something inbetween with a darker wash? Check out JustFabs strappy ankle heel KATI (click to shop) for a happy medium, darker wash, but note that the heel is a tad taller but there is a tiny platform unlike the other 2. Items I love pairing my denim heels with

  • Destroyed black denim jeans 
  • Destroyed White denim jeans 
  • Black wrap knot cotton dress 
  • Black cotton pencil skirt w/slit (the cotton helps the pairing remain simple)
  • Simple patterns like chevron or studded design on a tank top

Outfit posts to come. ⚓️

Sincerely, Ss

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