Craving Curaçao

Prepping for international travel can be a bit overwhelming, especially if you don’t travel often. Having lived in four different states at 13 addresses, not including internationally, I can safely say I have learned how to travel by trial and error. What works for others may not work for you and it’s important to establish your own travel style. For the ones who like to have a plan, be prepared and efficient – yet relaxed and excited – I have a few tips and tricks to start your trip off on the right foot.

  1. First and foremost – be sure to understand the rules, regulations, and restrictions of the country you are entering. Do you need vaccinations? Special paperwork?  A tourist VISA? Approval from the embassy? Just your passport? This is the number one thing that derails and sometimes causes cancellations to plans.
  2. Make sure your passport is up to date – otherwise you cannot leave – or return – to the US/your country.
  3. Pack light – I PROMISE it’s possible. I’ll be sharing more specifically how to pack for different countries, climates and occasions but here are a few overall tips for wardrobe no matter where you go (PS – make sure you check to see if there are wardrobe guidelines for that country, because some countries are modest than others and don’t want to cause disrespect):
    • Staple layers – Lightweight neutral color cardigans, oversized t-shirts, loose racerback tanks – COMFORT is key (except Paris – nothing is off limits for Paris)
    • Jacket – something like a utility jacket that has a hood and pockets (Arlette Hooded Anorak, anthropology, $168)
    • Comfortable shoes – sandals w/ a sole like (Arizona soft Taupe, Birkenstock, $135), walking shoes (Tennis Classic Ultra, Nike, $100), or ankle booties w/ short heel (black laced ankle boot, MISSGUIDED, $45 ; Sharini, Steve Madden, $129)
      • If you plan to dress up more than one night, pack a shorter or chunky heel – depending on the terrain of the streets stilettos are not ideal (Skales in Grey Nubuck, Steve Madden, $110 ; High Above Me lace ups, LuLu’s, $28)
  4. Take medicine – the three basics: Tylenol Advanced gel caps, Zyrtec/allergy relief and TUMs/acid-reducer
  5. Take a map – not every country has great WiFi so it’s important to know how to get around and where you’re going once you’re there. Even if you don’t speak or read the language, you can still match street names you pass by with the squiggles on a map.
  6. Learn SOME of the language – even just the basics, will get you MAJOR bonus points with the locals if they can see you’re even trying to immerse yourself in their culture.
  7. Last but not least – try not to travel alone. While it is possible, and can be fun – it’s not safe.

Happy traveling! More to come.

Sincerely, Ss

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