Craving Çuracao Pt.2 – the Dive

Have you ever felt the pull of the ocean on your body? It’s one of the most invigorating adrenaline rushes I’ve ever experienced. It’s probably why I am so obsessed with open waters and the ocean. Taking up scuba diving is hands down one of the most incredible experiences I’ve ever taken part of. The descent, the finding buoyancy, the search for sea creatures, the soft relaxing in and out breathing pattern, the frog kicking.. It’s indescribable. 

Have you ever swam next to a sea turtle? Have you ever floated across the ocean floor until suddenly it fell out from under you and turned into the darkest of blues you’ve ever seen? Has your heart ever stopped underwater? 

Mine has.

Relax they said. Deep slow breaths they said. Keep breathing. Always – number one rule – BREATHE. 

By dive #7 – I had mastered steady breathing, dominated descending with buoyancy without fin pivot, equalizing became natural, and I acclimated the ability to ascend safely without exceeding altitude – All vital parts of becoming a diver. 

I’d be lying if I said diving isn’t difficult at first. It’s claustrophobic, it’s confusing, it’s complicated. But once you get through all that and realize it’s really just a matter of breathing steadily underwater and the fact that as long as you are buoyant you CANNOT physically sink, you’re fine. Once you get out of your own head – that’s when the experience begins and you start to enjoy. 

Keeping it short and sweet I encourage and challenge you to take the plunge. 

Want more info? Check out PADI for more resources, what to expect, how to plan and FAQ’s. 

Also feel free to ask me more about my experience. I love talking about diving almost as much as I love shoes (if not more it’s a seriously close tie). 

Sincerely, Ss

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