Colours + Throws

That home-y feeling : coziness, comfort, safety, tranquility. All things your bedroom should be – which does not equivilate to boring or average. 

Contrary to popular belief you can have born style and comfort in your home – even without breaking the bank. Here I’m going to show you some of my favorite places I find the best pieces to tie together where I lay my head at night (and some cases don’t lay my head but binge on Netflix while binging on ice cream).

There are a three important components in the makings of a bedroom: the lighting, the layout, the color palette. 

Lighting: the more the better – Windows, lamps, ceiling, candles 

Layout: the open the better – create the illusion of taller ceilings and larger floors = more space.

  • tall curtains
  • tall upward facing floor lamps 
  • Light color rugs
  • Rug runners (long skinny rugs) – create the illusion of wider floors – especially light color 

Colour palette

  • neutral neutral neutral
  • subtle pops of color that are removable / interchangeable
  • Core Light Options (pick one and can play with the different hue levels for contrast): mauve, blush, taupe, sand, ivory, heather grey, Sky periwinkle blue, beige 
  • Secondary Dark Options (best in moderation – shouldn’t be core color): slate blue, burgundy, plum, midnight navy, black, charcoal grey, olive, dark chocolate brown 
  • Tertiary Pop Options: depends on your primary light color and secondary darker color – reds and greens can get too loud and distracting – stick to pops using softer hues of yellow, purple, coral or blue – you could even play with splashes of gold, rose gold, silver and bronze 

Here’s to making the layout work:

The rug: 

The throw: 

The floor lamp: 

The table lamp:

Accent lights:

I’ll be posting again soon about how to choose the right bed frame, headboard, footboard, bed bench, more pillows, more throws, and bedding-comforters that I love to snuggle in. 

Also watch for how you can easily transition your bedroom from summer to fall – it’s all in the decor details – coming soon!! 

Happy Zzzzzz-ing

Sincerely, Ss 

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