Current Obsession: Metallics

There are a lot of new trends hitting the runway this season for fall like chokers, velvet booties, bell sleeves, braids are back, and fun slip ons and loafers for the stylish yet workaholic ladies. However, the one trend that is way underrated this season, is the metallic manicure. From prism purples/greens to rose gold and platinum shiny silver – it is all the rage right now. Recently, I went for the rusty rose gold w/ red & bronze undertones and one accent nail with a light blush nude polish and mixture of rose gold and clear diamond/prism gems in an uneven pattern.

You may be wondering where I get all of these crazy nail ideas – and I owe most of them to Pinterest. Not interested in the metallic craze? Below are a few of my other most favorite nail designs that I’ve recently had.

Here are a few tips to executing a flawless, unique or simple nail design idea: 

  1. Establish your base color
  2. Studs or gems?
  3. Lines or shapes?
  4. Prism or ombre
  5. Matte , metallic or glossy

Usually I only pick 2 of the above options, in addition to establishing my base color, and move forward from there.

For example, this time I knew I wanted the metallic trend, but also wanted gems on one finger since I haven’t had gems in a while. So I chose the Rose Gold metallic as my main base color, and the light blush nude as my secondary base color – which is where I added in the choice of gems.

For Christmas last year – I made it simple and went with a darker rosey red w/ gold square studs at the bottom of each nail (pic below)

For my birthday, I went a little wild w/ a white base color, accent gold glitter finger, accent rose gold gemstones and then a few more gems on my thumb (pic below).

After the above nails, I was obsessed with white nails – so decided to go all out gems – unicorn princess style, like the below. You can also find nail designs on my pinterest that have gem arrangement ideas.

Next, I was slowly inching away from the white nails, but decided to go a mauve/pink gemstone route w/ white accent nail (pic below)

There’s also the color accent on a single finger – usually pointer. My last mani was a light grey with neon yellow pointer finger and silver sparkle accent fingers – but the neon yellow is what stood out. I would recommend using the silver glitter w/ larger sparkles, but my salon didn’t have that. (see pic below of what I wanted – what I got was VERY similar – just smaller sparkles)

With Halloween coming up, there are so many fun ways to spice up your mani game – my favorite being my nails from last year when I was a cheetah/cat and got nude nails with a gold sparkle finger and cheetah print spots on another finger. So original, I know – but my makeup and nails made it original. 

I also get A LOT of questions about whether or not my nails are real, and YES they are real. Of course I have had some mishaps in the past and have had to get an acrylic or two so they didn’t look like nubs – but overall I have always had good nail bits. One product that has helped that is myItWorks hair skin nails supplements – which also helps your hair grow, but makes my nails grow like WEEDS. Which is also how I get to try out so many different manicure styles – because I am going back to Kim every 3 weeks (at least).

If you live in the Los Angeles area – check out PerfectTen Nails Spa in Moorpark, Studio City – and ask for Kim. Tell her Abby sent you and she’ll make sure to take good care of you – and give you a good deal! She’s the most bang for your buck you’ll find in this city. 

Want more ideas? Check out my Pinterest: Must-Have Mani board for more nail design inspo.

Happy Monday! 🙂

Sincerely, Ss


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