I Bet You Think This Post is About Me

Well, that’s because it is. Over the past year of starting my blog I realized I have never done an about me post where I share things you all may not know about me. There’s a lot you probably don’t know – but I’ll list the top 25 to keep it short (you know because I’m so interesting I would need more? J/k).

  1. I was born in Clarksville, Tennessee and lived there until I was 6.
  2. I grew up in Wisconsin & went to college in Missouri 
  3. I started college as a chemistry major.. and ended up in public relations (that’s a story for another day)
  4. I use to work in entertainment advertising as my big girl job then recently transitioned to beauty branding 
  5. I danced for 8 years and played soccer for 15 years up into college before I got injured too badly to play any longer
  6. I have an older brother .. who lives in Idaho.. we’re polar opposites
  7. I use to eat my cereal dry with milk on the side because I hate soggy food and I use to eat too slow
  8. I am deathly allergic to mushrooms 
  9. The first time I ever went surfing was in Hawaii and I got coral stuck in my shin
  10. I’ve never been to NYC (but that’s changing VERY soon!)
  11. I love running long distance and try to run 5 miles 4x a week
  12. I use to want to be a painter when I grew up – I don’t paint anymore
  13. Hospitals terrify me – mainly the smell, the blood and the white walls
  14. I have 2 tattoos 🌊➰
  15. I am a natural blonde – but have colored my hair every hue of brown from dark brown to black/brown, auburn, Burgundy, strawberry blonde and platinum blonde
  16. If I could only eat one thing for the rest of my life it would be fish tacos
  17. I could eat guacamole with a spoon, (not could, but I do do this)
  18. Mexican food is my favorite, but Italian is a VERYYY close #2
  19. I lived in Milan, Italy for a semester and it was the best time of my life
  20. I love corgis – my Instagram feed is mainly designer shoes, corgi puppies and exotic beaches
  21. If I could live anywhere it would be in Italy by the coast 
  22. My #1 travel destination is Egypt to scuba dive in the Red Sea. Egyptian culture and history has always really interested me and I really hope to go someday when it’s safer. Portugal, Indonesia, Greece, Croatia, Uruguay and Morocco are close runner-ups.
  23. My biggest pet peeve is messy tooth brushers – I cannot be in the bathroom with someone brushing their teeth, it actually makes me nauseous.
  24. I use to be a Taco Bell Brand manager and was known as the Taco Bell girl. Everyone wanted me for my free taco coupons… 
  25. My parents almost named me Valerie. I love that name, but I do NOT look like a Valerie. And yes, my birth name is Abigail. & my dad calls me Missy (no clue why).

Want to know more or know more about one of the 25 things about me? Comment below or on my post on Instagram!

PS – my awesome handmade tribal earrings were made in Ecuador, fave gift from my Papa on his travels ❣️ 

Have a happy day loves, xx.

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