White + Gold > Everything

There’s something about having white in your room that creates such an ambient environment – bright, airy, clean – a new day. When you open your curtains, the whole room brightens – bouncing off of your white comforter, pillows, throws.

This gorgeous bedroom inspo w/ luxe white and gold details is the perfect balance of modern white and touch of grey, gold and of course the splash of flowers. I’ve dug through some of my favorite places for decor like Lulu & Georgia, One Kings Lane, Z Gallerie and west elm. If you are looking for something that’s unique, individual to your style and within price range – these are all good options – without losing any quality. I also LOVE utilizing Etsy and Amazon for all my small decor details for things like side tables and tray settings.

While I’m more of a light ivory/taupe kind of person because I love vintage style, white decor is the next best thing in line with a modern, clean feel. I’m revealing where you can get your hands on this headboard plus a few more of my favorite items to brighten up and refresh your sleeping quarters. There’s nothing like changing up your room to change up your lifestyle. I’m no doctor, but I fully believe that refreshing the style of your bedroom can refresh the style of your life – and potentially refresh the way you sleep. There is science in color – including white.


  • Twill Wingback Headboard in White by Alcott Hill – Queen, Wayfair, $559.99 (pictured)
  • Adler Tufted Headboard in White – Queen, Z Gallerie, $599 (personal favorite)
  • Miller Studded Headboard in Cream Velvet – Queen, One Kings Lane, $375

THE COMFORTER – the key here is fabric and texture – you want to avoid the “hotel” or “hospital bed” vibe by incorporating soft microfiber or cozy textures such as quilted or tufted styles and scalloped edges or lacy trim details

  • (pictured) Belgian Flax Linen Diamond Quilt & Sham, Pottery Barn, $299
  • Organic Cotton Pintuck Duvet Cover + Shams – White – Full/Queen, west elm, $206 total
  • Chloe Tufted Medallion Comforter – Ivory White, Urban Outfitters, $189



  • Fishs Eddy Gilded Cafe Mirror Tray w/ gold, west elm, $48
  • Neffertiti Gold Tray (Set of 2), Lulu & Georgia, $133
  • Faux Blush Hydrangea Stems, Pier 1, $6.95 (x3)
  • Burnished Candles in Gold Volcano and Bronze Lagoon w/ white+black marble top, anthropologie, $18-$30
  • Agate Coasters Set of 4 or 6 Gold Rimmed Coasters in Purple, Etsy (BullCityGems), $65-$100 and there are other colors; there are also gorgeous bookends or stand alone quartzite you can use as simple decor on the tray – so make sure to venture around Etsy for great deals.
  • Louisa Candleholder, Gold – Multiple sizes, Lulu & Georgia, $20-27.50
  • Clear Glass Pyramid Tabletop Succulent Plant, Amazon (HomeIdeas), $19.99

Whether you’re a fan of white color bedrooms or not, you can use this same method of pairing and planning for the color of your choice. Whether you are going for more of a beige, dark brown or even something flashier like red or purple – it’s easy to coordinate all the right details to make your space reflect your personality.

Want help coordinating, planning and picking? I offer interior design and decorating services so shoot me a DM on instagram @seasaltandstilettos or comment below and I’d be happy to connect and help you craft your space.

Sweet dreams lovies,

Sincerely, Ss

Morning Blooms 

Becoming a morning person is the best thing that’s ever happened to me, and I have my 7:30am PR class in college to thank for that. Now that I work full time (very full) it’s crucial for me to be able to get the most time out of each and every day. 

Today I woke up at 6am – alive, awake, alert and enthusiastic. I decided to go for a run, even though I ran last night. Then I came home, showered, made the best breakfast ever (two fried eggs on avocado toast with turkey) and stopped by the market to get fresh squeezed orange juice. Meanwhile I was there, I came across this gorgeous bouquet of pink summer roses and canary sunflowers. 💐

Want to add some flowers to your home? Take a peek at my favorite spots to pick the best blossoms. 

Tip: keep them out in the open on my where they will get the most sun. 

Faux Petals:

Real Deal 

  • Trader Joe’s – check local inventory & availability 
  • Local farmers market – every Sunday 
  • Real touch rose and hydrangea in glass, Etsy, $135
  • Anemone arrangement, Bloom UK, £29

Want help decorating your home with floral arrangements or center pieces? Send me a message at abbybeaudin@gmail.com. 

Happy planting 

Sincerely, Ss

Colours + Throws

That home-y feeling : coziness, comfort, safety, tranquility. All things your bedroom should be – which does not equivilate to boring or average. 

Contrary to popular belief you can have born style and comfort in your home – even without breaking the bank. Here I’m going to show you some of my favorite places I find the best pieces to tie together where I lay my head at night (and some cases don’t lay my head but binge on Netflix while binging on ice cream).

There are a three important components in the makings of a bedroom: the lighting, the layout, the color palette. 

Lighting: the more the better – Windows, lamps, ceiling, candles 

Layout: the open the better – create the illusion of taller ceilings and larger floors = more space.

  • tall curtains
  • tall upward facing floor lamps 
  • Light color rugs
  • Rug runners (long skinny rugs) – create the illusion of wider floors – especially light color 

Colour palette

  • neutral neutral neutral
  • subtle pops of color that are removable / interchangeable
  • Core Light Options (pick one and can play with the different hue levels for contrast): mauve, blush, taupe, sand, ivory, heather grey, Sky periwinkle blue, beige 
  • Secondary Dark Options (best in moderation – shouldn’t be core color): slate blue, burgundy, plum, midnight navy, black, charcoal grey, olive, dark chocolate brown 
  • Tertiary Pop Options: depends on your primary light color and secondary darker color – reds and greens can get too loud and distracting – stick to pops using softer hues of yellow, purple, coral or blue – you could even play with splashes of gold, rose gold, silver and bronze 

Here’s to making the layout work:

The rug: 

The throw: 

The floor lamp: 

The table lamp:

Accent lights:

I’ll be posting again soon about how to choose the right bed frame, headboard, footboard, bed bench, more pillows, more throws, and bedding-comforters that I love to snuggle in. 

Also watch for how you can easily transition your bedroom from summer to fall – it’s all in the decor details – coming soon!! 

Happy Zzzzzz-ing

Sincerely, Ss 

Make the Most of Your Humble Morning Coffee Abode

“Humble Morning Coffee Abode”= 

That special spot in your home where you sip your morning cup of Colombian or light roast blend of coffee with light milk and no sugar (ok, lots of sugar). 

Every morning you wake up you have to have that safe, comfortable, relaxing place to start your day. Whether you read the newspaper, talk to family on the phone, or flip through magazines, it’s so important to take 10 minutes for yourself before jetting off to your car and taking off to work for the day. When you start your day on a comfortable and happy note you are less likely to become easily stressed throughout the day. 

Regardless of your personal style there are a few tips and tricks to getting the Most “humble” out of your morning abode. 

  • Neutrals are your friend – ivory, beige, taupe, blush, heather grey, rustic reddish oranges, sage blue, olive, and off whites
  • Make use of accent pillows – pick fuzzy furs, subtle patterns like floral, marble and nature-like objects 
  • Get a few floor plants – not suggesting turning it into a camping ground or forest, but a nice floor plant like bamboo sticks, tall grass, baby’s breath, and table plants add a touch of nature which accentuates calmness 
  • Area rug – either get a strong pattern or a simple solid depending on the color of your couch and table – if you have darker furniture get a light color rug and vice versa. Stay away from pure white as that’s hard to clean. If you pick a pattern, you can mismatch your pillows to go along with it. Try to stick to colors like taupe, navy, large diamond shape pattern, criss cross pattern, or patterns like chic boho, vintage, simply modern 
  • Wall art – pick something striking but pleasing and not alarming or outlandish. Keep it simple but can have a pop of color like the above turquoise and gold. If you have pops of color like gold, red or black in your accent pillows or rug – pick those up and have a smidge of it splashed in the wall art to tie it all together. Don’t be afraid of doing something besides art – like decorative mirrors, wall vases, large wall clocks, and carved wooden canvases
  • Storage – there are plenty of unique ways to store blankets, like hanging racks or woven baskets next to the couch to avoid messiness 
  • Table decor – depending on the table – glass or wooden – depends on your table decor. Stick to things like candles of differentiating heights, mirrored trays, mason jars, or other decorative jars, marble candle holders or antique table clocks 

Want advice on how to better decorate your home? Whether it’s your morning coffee abode or where you lay your head at night, send me a message and I’ll write you a personal decoration plan, even if you’re on a tight budget. 

Happy decorating ! More to come on decor.. And even my favorite coffees ☕️💘

Sincerely, Ss