Make the Most of Your Humble Morning Coffee Abode

"Humble Morning Coffee Abode"=  That special spot in your home where you sip your morning cup of Colombian or light roast blend of coffee with light milk and no sugar (ok, lots of sugar).  Every morning you wake up you have to have that safe, comfortable, relaxing place to start your day. Whether you read … Continue reading Make the Most of Your Humble Morning Coffee Abode

Burberry threads + Cognac hues

Transitioning into spring is always an exciting time of year both in terms of climate, unless you live in California like me, and fashion. At this time of year it's perfectly acceptable to pair your favorite fall accessories with spring staples. Today I paired a traditional plaid Burberry scarf with an ivory quarter-length sleeve Chiffon blouse, black denim and … Continue reading Burberry threads + Cognac hues